About Us

Serving the Most Delicious Turkish Cuisine In Surry Hills for 50 years

Where it all started

Established 50 years ago, Erciyes Restaurant started to serve its customers as a small takeaway shop. As years passed, the Saracoglu family decided to extend its small takeaway shop into an all-out Turkish cuisine that seated 130 guests. If you intend to catch the belly dancing show on Friday and Saturday nights, it is highly recommended to book in advance.

What does Erciyes stand for?

The name of our restaurant comes from Mount Erciyes (Erciyes Dağı in Turkish), which is located 25km south of Kayseri, Turkey. Erciyes is the highest mountain in central Anatolia (3916 metres) and has an extinct volcano located at its peak.

About Kayseri (Our Home Town)

Kayseri has been a continuous settlement since 3000 BC. The city has been a vital trade centre as it lies on what was the Great Silk Road. As one of the three oldest cities founded in Anatolia as well as its proximity to major trade routes, the city bears one of the oldest historical heritages on the planet.

There were three golden age periods for Kayseri. First, dating back to 2000BC, the city was the trading post between the Assyrians and the Hittite Empire. The second golden age was lived during 200-300AD under Roman rule; at one point the population of the city was almost half a million. The third golden age was during the reign of the Seljuks. The 1500-year-old Roman castle is still standing in good shape at the central square of the city.

Short-lived, the Seljuk rule left a large number of historical landmarks, which include historical buildings such as the Hunad-Hatun complex, Kilicarslan mosque, the Grand Mosque and the Gevher Nesibe Asylum. The Grand Bazaar dates from the latter part of the 1800s, but the adjacent Caravanserai (where merchant traders gathered before forming a caravan) dates from around 1500. The city is famous for carpets, and a range of carpets and rugs can be purchased reasonably ranging from new to 50 or more years old.